Cade Leonidus Takashi

Current Age



Alive. Rogue

Relationship Status


Weapon of Choice

His All Purpose Assault Armor, and at times, his father's tier 1 sword: Sonzai


Very little elemental and spacial power: Amplified by the APA Armor.


6'1" regular, 8'2" In Mark I-III APA armor


126lbs regular. 500 lbs in APA armor

Confirmed Kills


Cade Takashi

Cade Takashi with Sonzai

Cade Takashi is one of the twin Children of Aos and Momoka Takashi. His father, Aos fell at the hands of Shiori Hintamori before he and his sister were born. His mother however, grabbed Aos' fused sword Sonzai (Existance) and gave it to Cade early on. He is currently rogue and presumed a villain.



Cade was Born on January 19th 2013, 2 months after his Father, Aoskara Takashi died at the hands of Shiori on Doomsday. From an early age Cade seemed to be following in his father's footsteps. Aos' sword was given to him by his mother on his 10th birthday. From that day on Cade practiced day and night with it. He, however, was never as strong, fast, or agile as Aos was and hated himself for it. At age 11 he displayed signs of being able to control both the elements and space. By age 12 he had mastered what little powers he had and became frustrated as his sister learned directly from their mother on how to use her powers. Cade, like his late aunt Cari Takashi was also very inclined to technology. So to answer the questions of his lack of strength, speed and ability he created the All Purpose Assault Armor.
All Purpose Attack Armor Mark I

Cade's All Purpose Assault Armor Mark I

Cade debuted the APA Armor Mark I on his 14th birthday. The armor, although bulky and large, improved his strength, speed, reaction time and his spacial and elemental powers. To test the suit Cade hired friends in the military to open live rounds upon his suit, much to his mother's protest. The suit stopped two clips of combined fire from 5 military privates before a bullet pierced his side and caused him collapse. After a three hour long process of getting him out of the armor his mother asked him if he was alright and what he had to say for himself for this horrible idea. Cade looked at his mother and smiled only saying "The suit needs work." before passing out.



3 months after that event Cade introduced his family and friends to the APA Armor Mark II. This armor was not only lighter a
All Purpose Attack Armor Mark II

APA Armor Mark II

nd faster, but increased his strength even further and was able to withstand 30 minutes of non-stop fire from AR-15 assault rifles. Cade also constructed a rifle that folded up and attached to the back of the armor. One night, when Cade was sixteen, his mother was awoken by a crash. She ran outside to discover her son in the Mark II armor killing police men. He had robbed a bank and slaughtered 13 people to get to the money. After the policemen were dead Cade bagan to walk back to the house when Momoka stopped him She asked fervently why he did it. His reply was a simple word. "Funding." Momoka then tried to take the money away from him to return it, but Cade knocked her back and looked at her coldly. His last words to her were as follows. "Mother, In the past years I have noticed that you have become wary of me, and I suppose you had just reason too. But lets face facts. When you're living the shadow of the great Aoskara Takashi, its a little difficult to stay sane. So, as it seems you no longer support my goals, I will be taking my leave. I need nobody's assisstance but my own, maybe Kai was the intelligent one of the family." He snapped the helmet on and turned away. He was gone before Momoka could stop him. He is currently rogue and off the charts.
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