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John Thomas Takashi

Current Age

Died at age 17



Relationship Status


Weapon of Choice

Throwing Knives


Slight control over the earth, Werewolf abilities.





Confirmed Kills



John Thomas Takashi

John Thomas Takashi was born October 12th 1991. He was the younger brother of both Aoskara and Kai Takashi. He was the older brother to Cari Takashi. John enjoys all things animals, this may be a result of him being attacked and bitten by a werewolf at age 12.



When John was born he was a bit different from his siblings, mainly because he was the only one that was born human. (Cari was not born at this time and therefore could not have counted) John was loved by everyone he met and would often be the first of the Takashi children to say hi, or introduce himself. John was young when his parents died and therefore always grasped for attention. He did so by drawing attention to himself by acting out and being annoying. Doctors diagnosed him with ADD and ADHD at an early age. He clung to Aos and always looked up to him.



When John was 12 him, Aos and Cari were camping out in the woods because they had nowhere else to go. Car had gone to bed, as she was still young at the time and Aos had gone out for firewood. John sat alone at the campfire tending it and keeping it alive until Aos returned. He had heard growling earlier but dismissed it as a badger. Unknown to him, however, a wolf like creature approached him from behind. It leapt on him and bit into his shoulder. John screamed and stabbed one of its eyes with his knives. It howled and ran as Aos approached. John convulsed violently and grew hair everywhere, he snapped at Aos and ran off into the night. John returned three days later with the news, he was a Werewolf, and would be in such a state till he died.


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