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Kai Agelios Takashi was born on March 26th 1985. His mother was a human and his father was a demon. Kai was born without powers, but obtained the abilities of a Shade after a deal with Lucifer. Kai awaits the day when he can finally be rid of the last member of the Takashi line, his brother Aos.



Kai was the first child of Ryos and Kioma Takashi. His younger brother Aos was three years younger than him. John was six years younger and Cari was eight years younger. From a young age Kai had always been his father's favorite of the group. His mother, however, was wary of Kai and sensed that he would become something unspeakable. Kai's father trained him in the art of the sword. He taught Kai how to move unnoticed, pickpocket and disappear without a trace. Ironically it was these lessons that would allow Kai to defeat and kill both his father and his mother. Kai, feeling that his father's rejection of his demonic place and powers so that he could be with Kai's mother, he sold his soul to Lucifer. Kai felt that his mother had shamed his bloodline and made it unclean. So on a late Thursday afternoon in the middle of November, Kai burst into the house, took his mother outside and killed her in front of Aos, John and Cari. Kai's father then engaged him in a fight in an attempt to kill Kai. Unfortunately Ryos fell to Kai without his demonic powers and gave Kai his victory. Kai, now a Shade, poured part of his being into his sword and made it stronger. Aos picked up his father's katana and charged Kai. Kai tripped Aos and gave him a cut on his cheek telling Aos to "find him when he was strong enough to exact his revenge". Kai fled to Italy and trained further in the art of assassination.



During Kai's stay in Italy he visited many underground temples and high moutains to learn the art of assassination from the Assassin's Order. Kai quickly rose through the ranks using hidden Shade abilities to overcome even the most challenging of tasks. Not much is known about Kai's activity during this time as he was often away from any kind of record keeping and never spoke of the events that took place. It is known, however, through a news story that Kai slaughtered everyone at every training ground he was at once his lessons were complete.



When Kai was 19 he returned to his old homeland and sought out Aos. He found him in his Senior year at Miztu High School. It was here that Kai decided to test Aos and engage him in battle. It quickly ended with Kai beating Aos and readying to kill him. Only intervention by Momoka and Kevin saved Aos' life. Kai left without a word to cause mayhem and destruction over the next couple years.



During the time that Anthony (The Alpha shard) was searching for his missing pieces Kai was up to his usual mayhem and murder. This changed abruptly as Kai discovered that he was, in fact, one of Anthony's shards. Kai was Pyrus, the shard of Deceit. Kai was shattered by this revelation and gave into Anthony, seeing no reason to continue living if his entire existance was a lie anyway. Kai was one of the first pieces to reintegrate into Anthony. It was after Anthony was defeated that Kai, much to his dismay, returned to life and fled into the shadows howling from his misery.



In the months following the Project: SOUL events Kai had slowly been going mad. He lost desire to do basic things followed by a rush of murderous energy that often lead to long and gory killing sprees. He, however had seen Aos grow and knew that he would need help to take him and the rest of the Heroes down. He enlisted Gavriil Lucross, Nathaniel Ravenscroft, and ressurected Zack Ryoma to assist him. They worked in silence for a while gathering up other forces such as Jazz, Shiori, Break and Tokala. Eventually Kai's Army met Aos' and they clashed. Aos and Kai met for their final battle which ended in Kai's defeat at the hands of a permanently fused Demon/Aos hybrid wielding Sonzai. Kai's body faded into nothingness and he died. But before he vanished completely he cursed Aos to slowly fall into the madness that had consumed him for years.



- In the first draft of Kai's character he was supposed to be part of a team of special ops forces with Aos. And he was originally intended to be the Hero.

- Kai originally carried a combat knife, dual SMG's and two facehuggers in canisters on his back, but his creator felt it was too much and the facehuggers had to go. He instead opted for a ten foot katana based off of Sephiroth's from Final Fantasy VII.

- Kai means "Keeper of the Keys" and is of Welsh and Greek origin.

- Kai has killed someone in every country on the Earth and on 3 out of four of the world's oceans.

- Kai carries a British accent altough he was born in America and lived in Italy most of his life.

-Kai speaks 9 different Languages English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Celtic, Italian, Russian

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