Kyra Hi-Tari

Kyra Autumn Hi-Tari

Kyra Autumn Hi-Tari was born on the 17th of February along with her twin sister, Katrina Summer Hi-Tari. Kyra is the eldest twin. Her parents, Aidren and Christine Hi-Tari, named her after the Prestigish word for Dark Lady. Kyra is known to be one of the Twins of War and is destined to control the outcome of all lifeforms. She contracted Shiori Hintamori, otherwise known at The King of Lies/King of Mourni/Overlord of Demons, at 15 in order to save her and Katrina's life. Ater her twin sister's disappearance at 16, she moved to Nerina for 3 years until she finally came back to Prestige when she turned 19. The Great Race War proceeded this along with the reappearance of her sister, now being called Jazz instead of Katrina.

Kyra may have killed hundreds and contracted with the ultimate evil, but she is one of the 3 major Heros of Miradon along with Aoskara Takashi and Shelby Lewis.



Kyra's first 12 years were spent in a small apartment in downtown Prestige with her twin sister and parents. They spent all of their time together and Kyra rarely got to see outside of her home. Her parents never told her why they kept the girls inside, but Kyra believes now that they were protecting her from the dark world of supernatural beings. Her parents passed away from an illness that took both of them. Christine died the day before the twins turned 12 and Aidren passed away three weeks later. Their family doctor, Dr. F(Ficx), helped them to the orphanage and kept their cat, Roxanne. The rest of their family have disowned them and they had no where else to go.



Kyra and Katrina lived in the orphanage until they met with the demon lord, Shiori Hintamori. They met him in downtown Prestige while shopping for the winter holidays. He took them to his home where Kyra and Shiori almost shared their first kiss if it hadn't had been for Katrina. He returned them back to the orphanage shortly after and became their guardian the next day. The night before they became his adoptive children, Kyra met Aoskara, John, and Cari Takashi when they snuck into the orphange in search for food, She found out about Shiori's true race the first night she stayed there after experiencing a frightening event with Aoskara, Kyra had fallen in love with Shiori by then and quickly became very attached to him. Her sister, on the other hand, hated Shiori and regularly vocalized this opinion. Shiori continued to take care of them though. He was rough with his servants but never with the girls. The twins lived with Shiori for about a year when they were confronted by a group of demonic bounty hunters that kidnapped them. They were tortured to the point that Katrina died and Kyra was missing one of her legs. Nearly dead, Kyra passed out to the sound of a window breaking and screaming. When she awoke, her torturers were all dead and Shiori was carrying her back to his home. In her half dead derlirum, she agreed to sign a contract with him if he saved her and her sister. Katrina was reborn for the second time now and it had started taking a toll on her. She ran away from Shiori and her sister a week after Kyra signed the contract. Kyra, not knowing what happened to Katrina, agreed to go to Nerina with Shiori where she would live for the next 3 years when she turned 16.


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