Memory's Atrium


Unknown. Thought to be at the dawn of time


20 miles beneath Southern Ireland

Special Attributes

Place where all memories are kept. Contains a power hidden deep inside strong enough to destroy and create worlds.

Last opened

April 29th 2008

Religious Ties

Beleived by many to be the place where God first watched over creation.

Current Status


Memory's Atrium

The Gateway to the Core of Memory's Atrium

Memory's Atrium is the most powerful place in the world, and quite possibly the universe. Sought after by millions, but it was never found until Xaix and Nothing's Gods discovered its location. It currently lays dormant, sealed by Momoka, John and Aos' soul after their encounter with Nothing's Gods.



Not much is known about this huge temple like structure underneath Southern Ireland. What is known is that it's core contains the greatest power known to man and God alike. There are seven levels to Memory's Atrium that people must traverse before reaching it's core. Each is designed to test and turn back all who enter the grounds.



1- The first level of Memory's Atrium looks like an old Mayan temple. Accordingly there are beasts there that are from Native American, Mayan, Aztec and Egyptian legends and myths. This is the most physical level of Memory's Atrium and only serves to show its age, and dwindle down the numbers of people who cannot handle what lies ahead. It is here that HaXus of Nothing's Gods was defeated.

2- The second level of Memory's Atrium contains a thick fog that one must walk straight through. However, as one is walking they begin to hallucinate and see the people closest to them coming closer and running past them screaming. Slowly the people become more and more mangled until one reaches the point where they are surrounded by the dead bodies of their loved ones. Many people who have bested the first level turn back.

3- The third level of Memory's Atrium contains a large white room with a wall of glass in the middle. Each person must walk into their own room and stand by the door they entered. The door vanishes and the door on the other side of the glass wall opens. Out from the wall steps their greatest fear. It could be anything from thousands of spiders to Death himself. To pass this level one must simply walk up and touch the glass, before whatever is on the other side figures out how to get to you.

4- The fourth level is the level of anger. It appears to be a never ending maze that increases aggression levels. Parties will quickly become angry with each other saying that the one leading them is getting them lost and the leader position will switch until everyone is convinced that someone is deliberately doing this. The party will argue and sometimes become violent in an attempt to discover who is leading them astray. If someone can calm the party down, the door will open to the next level. It was here that MiXus of Nothing's Gods was defeated.

5- The fifth level is sorrow. The memories of all depressing or upsetting moments are stored here. It is simply a round platform hovering over a black sea where the memories are held. The parties depressing memories will flood into their heads and begin to drive them mad. As the people succumb more and more to depression the platform slowly starts to vanish. When the platform is gone the party will fall into the river and be consumed by depression. Only by looking to happy memories and moments can this room be overcome, but when surrounded by overbearing depression it is harder than it appears. This is the room where Aos was killed by DestriX, adding one more depressing memory to the room.

6- The sixth level is the level of Forgetting. It is simply a long hallway that gets darker the closer you get to the door. The parties that enter this room will slowly begin to forget things as they progress further down the long hallway. First, their direction, then their friends, then families, then mission, name, and sense of being. At the end the party will simply be hollow, empty shells of their previous states, wandering in Memory's Atrium. Lost forever. To overcome this room one must hold on to a memory, but not just a simple one. One must find and hold onto the strongest memory they possess. If one makes it through the door all memories are restored.

7- The seventh level is a round plain room where all the happy memories of the person flow into them. The past, present and future happy memories fill them with elation. In the room are couches and chairs in which to sit in after your long, hard journey, and all the happy memories often drive people to relax and enjoy them. But this floor is the most dangerous. If one relaxes or lingers too long one will find themselves trapped and slowly turned into a part of the room, lost forever to the world, awaiting someone new to share the happiness with.



The Core of Memory's Atrium contains the power of God himself. The power to make or unmake anything. Xaix sent DestriX to attack the party made up of John, Momoka, Kyra and Andrew. Destrix died from this fight and TraXskyl fled. During this time Xaix attached himself to the Core and, after an extensive battle, decided to test his power by eliminating all humans inside Memory's Atrium's core. But the spirit of Aos opened up a back door and pushed his friends throuhg it, saving them. Xaix started to disappear as he had trace amounts of human DNA in him. Aos and the members of Nothing's Gods were trapped inside Memory's Atrium until they had served their proper sentence. Only Aos would emerge and that was 4 years later.

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