Basic Cloak of a Nothing's Gods Member




Member Number


Member Names

Xaix, DestriX, SoaX,TraXskyl, MiXus, HaXus


World Domination

Date Founded

September 27th 1999

Hideout Location

20 miles North of Moscow, Russia

Current Status

Disbanded, All members Deceased

Nothings Gods was an Organization founded by Xaix (Genetic Experiment 001-379-F). This Organization was founded with the sole purpose of dominating the world and eradicating it's human population. It was defeated when Xaix took its members into Memory's Atrium. There they were defeated and killed one by one until Xaix ultimately eradicated himself.



Xaix- Created by scientists to be the Messiah for a new era. Something went terribly wrong though and Xaix went insane, killing the scientists and escaping. He created Nothing's Gods to eradicate every human being on Earth. His body is made of a Gel-like material that allows him to create weapons, change forms, and split himself whenever he chooses. Killed himself accidentally by unleashing the power of Memory's Atrium's core.

DestriX- Recruited by Xaix from a young age, DestriX came to see Xaix as a God. DestriX followed Xaix without question. He had control over animals and could generate bones from his body to create weapons, defenses and even giant skeletal animals. DestriX was killed by John and Momoka after killing Aos. His real name is Desmond.

SoaX- Xaix captured and erased the memories of Aoskara. He gave him the name SoaX and joined him into Nothing's Gods. SoaX was the scout and recruiting agent for Nothing's Gods. He was repelled back by Aos during his time in Memory's Atrium shortly before his death.

TraXskyl- Krystal joined Nothing's Gods after being captured with Momoka in order to save John Takashi. Her memories were wiped and her new name was given to her. During this time period she fell madly in love with DestriX, though he never openly returned her feelings. She is still roaming around somewhere, for now she has been pronounced dead, but she is just biding her time until she can find a way to revive DestriX and continue Nothing's Gods' work.

Mixus- Master of the Soundboard weapon he used, MiXus fought his opponents using his Soundboard from which giant notes were created as the music played. His power allowed him to turn every fight into a musical number, much to the annoyance of his opponents. His real name is Mattis. Killed by John Takashi after extensive musical battle.

HaXus- A robotic man that voluntarily joined Nothing's Gods. Expert hacker and computer expert. He was the first to fall defending the entrance to Memory's Atrium while the rest of the Organization escaped. Killed by Kyra.

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